RÄUCHERFORELLENFILET (Schoßfischerei Fuschl)
smoked trout fillet with cucumber-dill-creme salad and crispy bread

11,50 €

BEEF TARTARE with chilli creme, butter and toast

13,60 €

RICOTTABROT (local bakery) farmer’s cheese on toasted whole-grain bread with olives, tomatoes and arugula
salad garnish

9,10 €


ESSIGWURST (local butchery)
sausage salad with vinaigrette, red onions, egg and crispy bread

8,90 €

BEINSCHINKEN (local butchery)
traditional ham with homemade mustard, horseradish and crispy bread

10,90 €


FRITTATENSUPPE traditional beef soup with pancake strips

4,10 €

SPECKKNÖDELSUPPE traditional beef soup with fried bacon dumpling

4,90 €

with rye-bread croutons

4,50 €

SALZBURGER SUPPENTOPF traditional beef soup with vegetables, pancake strips,
beef and fried bacon dumpling

6,40 €



1,50 €

Bread roll

1,20 €

Salted bread roll

1,30 €

Crusty bread (local bakery)

0,80 €


GREEN or MIXED SALAD Small green salad
Small mixed salad

4,10 €

BACKHENDLSALAT breaded and fried pieces of chicken fillet on mixed green salad with pumpkinseed
oil dressing

small 10,40 €
main 13,10€

ZIEGENKÄSESALAT goat cheese gratiné with lambs lettuce, arugula,
rosemary honey and small roasted potatoes

12,40 €

STEAKSALAT grilled prime sirloin strips on mixed green salad
with dijon mustard dressing

15,20 €

Garlic bread Have a garlic bread with your salad

2 pieces 4,00 €


LACHSFORELLENFILET salmon-trout fillet with tomato-arugula-barley

18,90 €

SPINATTASCHERL (homemade) spinach ravioli with brown butter
and grated Austrian cheese

12,10 €

RISOTTO seasonal variations

small 9,10 €
main 12,40€

PINZGAUER KASNOCKEN traditional Austrian dish with
small dumplings and Austrian cheese

10,80 €

GREEN or MIXED SALAD Small green salad
Small mixed salad

4,10 €


SALZBURGER BIERHENDL classic Austrian corn-fed chicken braised in dark beer
with steamed vegetables and rice

16,20 €

The Classic AFFENSTEAK Since 1989.
grilled pork saddle steak on roesti-potatoes, gratinated with tomatoes zucchini, cheese and smoked ham served with a salad garnish

small 10,60 €
main 14,20€

GEKOCHTER TAFELSPITZ prime boiled beef with root vegetables,
potato schmarrn and horseradish-bread sauce

small 13,10 €
main 16,10€

GULASCH VOM RIND traditional beef goulash
with white bread dumpling

small 10,20 €
main 13,80€

BEIRIED (PRIME BEEF) prime sirloin steak with portwine onions and mashed potatoes

23,50 €

DAS WIENER SCHNITZEL AUS DER PFANNE Always served with cranberries!

small veal with parsley potatoes (traditional) 12,90 €
regular veal with parsley potatoes (traditional) 18,90€
small pork with potato-lambs lettuce salad 9,70 €
regular pork with potato-lambs lettuce salad 12,80 €


APFELSTRUDEL apple strudel with vanilla sauce

6,90 €

“DIE MOZARTKUGEL” chocolate mousse with marzipan, nougat and pistachio brittle

6,90 €

CREMESCHNITTE cream cake with stewed apricots

6,70 €

TOPFEN – NOUGATKNÖDEL curd cheese dumplings coated in sweet bread crumbs, filled with nougat and served with berry sauce

6,90 €

DESSERTVARIATION mixed dessert (at least 3 people)

per person 6,90 €

DUELL FROM AUSTRIAN CHEESE “Aberseer” sheep cheese and goat carrot cheese with homemade
fig mustard and local whole-grain bread

7,50 €