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Welcome to the Jolly Monkey Tavern!

For 40 years now, this inn/tavern has been operating with the intent of offering tradition, which is coupled with a unique atmosphere and its own particular style of hospitality.
Regional, seasonal products and specially selected ingredients are combined and
prepared in our kitchen.  For beer connoisseurs, our service team recommends either
a fresh “Trumer Pils” on tap or “Die Weisse”,  Salzburg’s special wheat beer, to ensure
that Austria’s beer tradition is maintained. As our inn keeper is a self-declared
wine aficionado, our menu offers a variety of Austrian wines which originate mainly from family run vinyards in various Austrian winegrowing areas.

We look forward to welcoming all guests, friends and lovers of the fine, Austrian tavern culture.

Your hosts:
Nicole & Michael Rodler
and their Jolly Monkey team

History & chronicle

Our restaurant is situated in a traditional building of Salzburg from 1647 !

1647: Bürgerhaus Hanns Schaffitl, Weber
1650: Bürgerhaus Maria Rohrerin
1775: Kampelmacherhaus
1800: Schoppermeister Weißensteiner
1804: Schopperhaus
1808: Schopper Weißensteiner Haus
1813: Schopper Weißensteiners Erben
1816: Schopper Weißensteiner
1858: Heinrich Sprenger
1874: Heinrich Sprenger
1881: Heinrich Sprenger

The ” fideler Affe ” opened in 1978 in the heart of Salzburg ´s old town !